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How to improve his concentration in 7 actions (especially if we are multi-tasking!)?

One of the main features of the manager is to be continually moving from one task to the next. Indeed, he must juggle different emergencies and meanings that occur more or less predictable. There nice to organize the best and even leave room for the unexpected, it does him remains a big problem: How to develop and improve multitasking skills ?

So, it is necessary to know how to manage the events that cut, but also know how to get back on the job we were doing. More we effective in our ability to concentrate, the less we will lose time.

One of the best methods of organization and efficiency is the grouping of tasks. For example, instead of watching 30 times daily e-mails, we won’t look at them three times a day. The advantage is that we have to put us three times a day on our emails. We need Preheat US 3 times. Once launched, we will be instrumental. If we get 30 times a day, there will be 30 warm-ups and once started; there are only a few emails to deal with. The book of Timothy Ferriss ‘ the 4-hour workweek ‘ perfectly illustrates this.

However, when we are continually bothered, we are in a situation where we look at 30 times a day our emails. We have a beautiful group and predict a time slot; we are cut off in our action. The only solution is to be able to quickly get (re) focus. Techniques exist for this. I will show you 7.

1 – Prevent some cuts

As soon a risk may arise, in this

Video Games Increase Multitasking Skills

How Can Video Games Help Your Brain Increase Multi tasking Skills

How can Video Games help you brain Increase Multitasking Skills. You can enhance your brain power with ways you’ve most likely never thought about before. How can these aggressive games assist us besides giving us an outlet to blow off steam? It is available in the form of design templates: our brains keep predicting what will come next by actively developing templates-or psychological models-of the world around us. They produce a type of shortcut that helps us soak up and find out information on the fly.

The speed of action develops the need for a greater order of quick thinking if the gamer wants to not only endure Multitasking Skills. Action game gamers even have better vision. And get this: if you want an effective surgery, find a cosmetic surgeon who is also a player. Cosmetic surgeons invest at least three hours every week playing computer game make 37% fewer errors.

Parents, next time when you are about to scold your kids for playing computer game. Just keep in mind the new research studies that reveal computer games can boost brain powers and are far from a mind numbing. No, I cannot ensure that by doing these things you will enhance your IQ to 180. Exactly what I know for sure is that you can improve Multitasking Skills. Playing video games except of increasing multitasking skills, they boost your brain.

Maximize your brain work by needlework, knitting, making some pottery, playing table tennis, juggling and playing a musical instrument. Increase anti-oxidants – Research studies show that consuming veggies and fruits high in anti-oxidants enhances cognitive abilities important for memory …

Researchers Say Action Games Increase Brain Ability

Researchers Say Action Games Increase Brain Ability

Whether you are a busy person or not, you can still increase your brain multitasking skills. Researchers Say that improving multitasking skills goes faster and better with action video games. There are simple activities, think it or not, that could help your brain to preserve its performance, or even improving it.

Individuals in this contemporary world typically didn’t have the time or just didn’t appreciate increasing their brain power. The answer may surprise you: action games may not be as bad for us as our company believes. Players become better learners when they play hectic action video games, and more specifically, shooters such as Halo, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Car.

Discover how the world’s top memory experts recover any information and focus at will. Whatever you have to enhance your memory is here! A recent study reported that kids who played up to one hour of video games every day were happier and more well-adjusted socially than other kids who played no video games at all or more than three hours of games every day.

Because they require players to believe fast on their feet and build the most precise mental design templates possible to decrease failure rate. Action games create much better design templates. That implies as a Halo player is running through an online multiplayer world to accomplish an objective such as Capture the Flag. They’re tracking a multitude of info: what weapons they have at their disposal. Where they are located on the map about opponents and staff member, who presently has the flag. Where opponent attacks are originating from, and so on.

Action Games